GIS Data Collection

Mapco offers a full range of GIS data collection services. Using GPS, portable computers, traditional surveying, and laser mapping systems Mapco can build a new GIS layer or add to an existing one. Not only will we collect coordinates on your features of interest, to your specified accuracy, but we will design and utilize databases in the field to collect the attributes you want. GIS information can be collected and delivered as quickly or slowly as you and your budget allow.

Services include:

  • Road center-line mapping, including attribute capture such as speed limit, center-line striping changes, surface material, street name, jurisdiction, direction, number of lanes, etc.
  • E-911 address range mapping and driveway location with building images.
  • Street sign inventory with digital images.
  • Basin, outfall, valve, hydrant, and manhole inventory with attributes and elevations.
  • Building foot-print surveys with centroids.
  • Environmental layer mapping such as wetlands, point sources of pollution, well-head inventories, forest inventories, etc.
  • Utility pole and meter inventory with strand mapping and drop locations.


Mapco can also provide meta-data for its GPS inventory and base mapping projects. Through the use of Trimble Navigation’s Pathfinder Office software we can calculate and include point quality information in your delivered database. In an age where data sets of different quality are being combined all the time this capability is important to help you keep track of the quality of all your data.

Please call for a free consultation and demonstration of the technologies we employ. It’s because of our commitment to these new technologies that we can offer you the most cost effective GIS data collection services available. If you are not sure of where to go, we will analyze your needs and turn you in the right direction.

If you are interested in gathering this information yourself, Mapco can assist you in buying the equipment you need to do the job. We can provide the instruments and training that will make your acquisition of these new technologies a success. Because we use these instruments ourselves, our training programs are practical and “real world” in nature.